Start with one thing


Blackpool sunset (photo credit: me)

After discussing my hectic, ever expanding list which was beginning to overwhelm me someone said to me: ‘start with one thing, you can always do one thing’. At the time I felt inspired and immediately connected with the suggestion and thought, ‘Yes! I will start with one thing…and then I’m going to do everything, I’m going to be better today, be productive…’ It was a truly unique and beautiful experience for me – usually when someone tells me what to do I feel resentment and become stubborn but not this time. This time it felt like I was going to change, transform in that very moment but later on I found myself in a 20 minute cramming session because the person had checked in and asked me what my one thing achieved was – ha! I didn’t want to let them down so rushed three things in and replied…but why?

Why is it I often let myself down by not doing my tasks but let someone else down?! HELL NO! My brain wouldn’t let me do that, it would punish me for days. And why do I feel like I’m definitely going to change a habit this time, no I mean for sure this time…but then not??? I looked into it and its because being more productive is a practice and not an inspirational moment…I’ve decided to explore.



On top of the world…well an active volcano in Chile (photo credit: me)

It got me thinking about the other key areas I want to transform in my life to a level of awesomeness not just normal-ness. I’ve decided its time for more change. Those of you who know me, also know that over the past 16 months I’ve been going through a huge life shift and put in a lot of time, energy and effort (boy was there a lot of effort) to getting myself to a place of normal-ness. I’ll tell you this for nothing, IT WAS TOUGH…essentially it was like going to work in the day and only just making it through without disintegrating (kicking goals) and then going to WORK AGAIN all evening. The catalyst: my relationship broke down and I did a life analysis and realised I didn’t like my own life. Bye bye mind. The most painful thing though was the realisation that I’m responsible for my own existence and this was on me. I also (thank the universe!) realised I had the power in me to change. So I got to work on self improvement. And it worked. I’m no longer a shell, I’m normal and like my life. But now it’s time for me to start reaching for my potential rather than just operating at OKAY.


I’ve decided to write this blog as a memoir of my development and my daily inspirations – it’ll be a good place for me to aggregate all my research. One thing important thing I learned about myself is that humans are currently my most inspiring motivators. If I tell a human being I will do something I am VERY likely to do it (even if its rushed). So I figured, if I tell all you guys I am going to do something, its VERY VERY likely to happen and the blog topics might help some of you in the process. This blog is one of my motivation tools. I’ve also learned about intention setting, goals, action steps, habit formation and the science of small wins I’ll share some insights here later. Here’re the top goals on my current transformation list:

  1. Connect more easily with the Universe/God/energy [insert comfortable label here]
  2. Get comfortable with uncertainty and practicing vulnerability – Dare Greatly
  3. Connect more easily with myself and others
  4. Live wholeheartedly 
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Get more creative



Rishikesh, India (Open Source image)

My current strategy?! GO TO INDIA! Good plan right?!

The way I see it I need a reset, some disruptive time. Research shows that immersing yourself in a disruptive environment helps creates change. Transformation. And where better than India?! It’s the spiritual centre of the world, with less distractions I’ll get closer to God and my perspective and lens on the world is going to be turned upside down. You’ll see lots of India references on here.

DISRUPTIVE adjective

1. causing, tending to cause, or caused by disruption; disrupting :

the disruptive effect of their rioting.

2. Business/Deb.

relating to or noting a new product, service, or idea that radically changes an industry or business strategy, especially by creating new market and disrupting an existing one:

disruptive innovations such as the cell phone or Deb getting a new stretch job, admitting and proclaiming feelings for a person*, going to India SOLO, organised in a few days and doing an intense meditation and yoga Transformation Retreat in an Ashram…all within 6 weeks.

This blog is going to share my thoughts, insights, research, strategies, tactics, successes and failures AKA learnings in achieving my current self development goals. I’ll also share some of the things I practice daily – some things I learnt on the way to normal-ness. They’re not all going to be big, dramatic stories like this – I think it’s important to see the myriad of mini-miracles in the world as well as the remarkable adventures so there will be lots of little micro blogs too – think Master Marketeer’s Seth Godin’s blog but with photos…and by me. I read a lot and take inspiration from blogs, podcasts, friends, leaders and the humans in general so will share this wisdom with you. Im grateful to you for reading this and I really hope you enjoy the ride with me.



Digging deep (Open Source image)

Finally, writing this first blog post has been on my list of life goals since 14 March 2009. I’ve wanted to write a blog for so long but held my self back because of fear of failure, judgement and ridicule…and through laziness. But the time is now, so it seems. And this whole blog ticks off on each and everyone of my transformation goals! Feeling so vulnerable right now, I can’t describe how challenging this is for me but as the leading vulnerability researcher, Brene Brown says: ‘Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.’ And that sounds like just what I want in my life right now.

Daring Greatly.


*For all of you who are rooting for my heart – the proclaiming of feelings didn’t go very well…in fact it went terribly and hurt. However, its another learning experience to put against my getting better at practicing vulnerability and uncertainty goal. Always find the positive.

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