What a first day – India 

FIRST NIGHT OUT I got in after 24 hours of travelling and went for dinner at Fishermans Cove. I literally had been out for two minutes, the road I was on was super busy and what did I see?! A random cow walking down the road, alone. No owner, no friends, just the cow going for a wander. I thought it might take a while for me to see one but it took two mins. It literally feels like I’m in a movie here. The restaurant I went to was busy and the food was soooo good! There was also a cute singer…my fave was Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer…Welcome to India! Haha!

Chill cow
I met a Cockney called Len and we had a laugh. He’s a typical worked hard and got rich guy. He was very generous, made me get a cab back to my hotel which was less than a five minute walk and text to checked I got back safe. LOVE THE ENGLISH WAY! I really do respect that kind of care.


Got a bit lost trying to find my way to the beach and just as I’d realised guess who turned up?! LEN! A unmistakable Cockney voice said behind me: ‘What you doin’ so far from yr hotel?! Hop on my bike – I’ll take you to where you wanna go’. Off we went on his scooter – which is the most popular mode of transport here. We ended up at the beach and had a couple of beers. WHAT AN ANGEL. Thanks universe.

Goa Scooters


Later on Shashi met me and we watched the sunset – was divine. He’s so different – really not like the other Indian guys I’ve met. He’s really insightful and well travelled around India. Shashi’s family is very liberal and said he can marry any girl from any culture, religion, nation. He said his family don’t follow many of the cultural norms, I guess they’re less traditional. He keeps telling me what to do, where to go, what to eat – haha! He clearly hasn’t picked up on my fierce independence yet. Or maybe he has and just does it anyway. He does this funny thing…

When I challenge him on something or give a different perspective or I say I’m going to do something different than he suggests, he calls his friends and gets their counsel and then tells me to do whatever the thing is he wants me to do but now with support from his friends. Makes me giggle!

Candolim beach sunset


Went to get some food at Fisherman’s Cove (the only busy place with a high turnover of food). We ordered a drink and I looked over in the exact same spot I was in the night before and there was a guy sat there alone. So I wandered over to him and asked him if he wanted to join us. He did – his name is Richie, from Skelmersdale.

Richie is super nice and has been travelling around India for two weeks and has his final week in Goa.

Three amigos


An odd thing happened – when the boys were ordering their drinks with the wait staff it was all good and they were arriving. But when I ordered mine they didn’t arrive. I also tried to ask the wait staff about food etc and was basically ignored. I checked on my drink three times but with no luck. They were pretty off with me and wouldn’t entertain talking to me. I can only guess what their problem was – I think perhaps they don’t appreciate a girl hanging out with two guys. Not sure it’s cool for them. And also when I walked in with Shashi they looked pissed off – perhaps they didn’t like that I was hanging out with an Indian guy…all guesses. Those of you who know me know that I can’t stand inequality, my number one value is justice, so it bothered me. But on reflection I think it’s something I have to get used to as females don’t have the same social standing here, it’s just culturally different in that way.

After organising to see Richie again the next day, I called it a night so I could get a massive shower – it’s so HOT and HUMID here…33 degrees at night. STICKY azzz.

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