The Taj Mahal 


After getting up at 4am so we’d be some of the first to get into The Taj grounds and see the sun rise against it, I was full of excitement. I’m a natural morning person but often forget, so I jabber on unknowingly…all happy and uplifted. I’m usually met with stares clearly saying ‘what on earth are you so happy for…its so early in the day?!’ It generally takes me a good few minutes of silent stares before I remember that most people want peace and quiet in the mornings. I on the other hand feel elated and my happiest at that time of day. 


So of course at 4.30am when we arrived at The Taj I was like a fire cracker. I was chatting away, swinging my skirt around, discussing Taj poses, taking bus selfies…well I was enjoying myself anyways – haha! 

On route to The Taj – 5am, everyone is still sleepy 

There’s lots of segregation in India and the queues are separated into male and female. So there I was – waited patiently, handed my ticket in, had my bag scanned (there’s a huge list of things you can’t take into The Taj so your bags get checked thoroughly. 

It was time to walk in…the east gate we used gets you right at the long path that leads up to The Taj. So it’s the iconic view…


I mean, just WOW! It truly is stunning. I recently only connected to the word stunning when my family was visiting me in Melbourne and we took a trip to the peninsula. We walked to the back beach nearest Blairgowrie to watch the sunset and when we got there I was actually stunned into stillness at the beauty of it. The sunset against the coastline and waves crashing and tumbling was literally that beautiful I was lost for words and was frozen. The Taj was like that. 

It’s stunning perfection. Pristine. The white marble is almost luminous and it glows with not only the sun’s rays but with pure radiant energy. It’s truly a remarkable site. I can’t put into words how awesome The Taj is. ​​It’s one of those that photos don’t do it justice and there are some gorgeous photos of The Taj…they aren’t a patch on it. 

An English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold describes The Taj Mahal as “Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passion of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones”.

This video makes me laugh when Shiv, our Chief Experience Officer, realises he’s in view


Listening to the love story from our local guide gave me shivers and goosebumps from head to toe. I know the story is also known to have tragedy attached to it but being there in the present in all it’s glory was a huge rush for me. 

The whole place is as romantic as it gets with pretty gardens, cute paths and benches to sit and soak up the site and contemplate life. I was in heaven…which of course is what it’s meant to mirror. 


So a little thing happened…I shared a kiss with a guy under the Taj’s magnificent gaze. It was a kiss full of shy, sweet innocence. We’d wondered off away from the group and found a bench to take a few moments to soak it all in. I’d got on a roll chatting about the universe, meaning of life, love…you know how I am. And as I was talking I hoped he would reach for a kiss,  and he did. So lovely. I mean, who doesn’t want a kiss under The Taj’s gaze?! 

A tender end to an incredible morning. 

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