Final few days of the Golden Triangle 

Oh my word! What a crazy city this place is. I mean really crazy. We when out for a walk and I didn’t really like the feel of it to be honest…although I did rationalise it because it was rush hour when we went out. But still, it’s a bit too crazy for me. And by this point I was getting a bit fed up of the manic streets and consistent honking. They use a myriad of transport. Cars, camels, horses, scooters, bikes…you name it, they use it and it’s sometimes overwhelming to be in the middle of it. It’s nicknamed The Pink City because of the colour of most of the buildings…it’s more like terracotta to be honest but you get the gist. 


We visited The City Palace in the centre of the Old City in Jaipur. It has a good blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. There were lots of paintings, antique traditional clothing and weapons. 

Standard group of locals having a nosey

Max said my posing was crap so I decided to work it a little


I am known to fall hard, quickly. And I can definitely say that The Amber Palace is up there with The Taj. It’s beautiful. What I particularly like is that it’s on lots of different levels so the scenery can be enjoyed as well as the architecture, and it makes it more interesting to visit. The design is remarkable too. I took lots of photos here because I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it. 


Mmmm, jewellery. I just LOVE jewellery. Jaipur is known as one of the best stone cutting and jewellery making cities of the world. We went to a jewellery shop that also does wholesale and I shopped till I dropped. Was there for two hours. Bought lots of silver pendants, some stud earrings and a ring. Also treated myself to some special dangly snake earrings.

I got some crystal jewellery too…

  • Rose Quartz: help hearts open up to giving and receiving love
  • Black obsidian: absorbs negative energy, aura cleanser, helps intuition 
  • Chrysocolla: communication, empowerment, teaching 


That evening we did a Bollywood dance class and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. We all nailed it and did really well. We did it on top of the hotel roof and as we were doing it there was a lightening storm miles away but clearly in view. It was awesome! Here the song we danced to, I kinda like it. 

How may people does it take to figure out which God it is?! 


On the final day we went to the Monkey Temple. Its full of monkeys as the locals feed them. There were cows, goats, cats there too. 

Morning prayers 

Holy water bathing 

We got blessed again – always up for a good blessing, me. I was playing around doing the tree yoga pose and having my photo taken and then the holy man came up behind me – surprise! Tim carried on taking photos. Here’s the result…


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