Yoga ashram 


The first ashram I stayed in was an akhanga yoga ashram. Based in Tapovan, Rishikesh. Found it on a blog website…it had good reviews and lots of people mentioned the yummy food so I booked in for seven days. 

Kirtan singing 


5am – get up bell rings 

5.20 am – meditation 

6am – yoga (1hr 45 mins)

8am – fire puja

8.30am – breakfast

9am – free time 

12.30pm – lunch 

4.30pm – yoga (1hr 45 mins)

6pm – dinner 

7pm – kirtan (chanting and singing (1hr)

9.30pm – bed time 


This was a pretty relaxed ashram and we didn’t have to attend everything, it was expected but if you decided to skip something it was all good. 

There was a mix ability of yogis too. So it felt really comfortable and easy going. 

Fire puja 


Akhanda includes all aspects of yoga, including: satkarma, asana, pranayama, Vedic mantra, kirtan, and meditation, as well as various traditions in yoga philosophy: Vedanta, Tantra, Samkhya and Classical Yoga.

Costs 1000 rupees a day ($20) for all food, water, room, all activities.

Monkeys gather inside on the way to the dining hall 

Full info on ashram

Rishikesh bridge 


As well as ashrams, Rishikesh is known for bridges, white water rafting, trekking, access to The Himalayas, the Ganga river, religious culture and really bad weekend traffic. 

Ashrams and sunset 


I took a two day trip to The Himalayas. It was AWESOME…correct use of the word for once. 

Went to the Kanatal area and trekked up to the Surkandi temple and did a few small walks around the camp area. 

Had a blessing at the temple and soaked in the glorious panoramic views – truly beautiful and mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see. 

The Kanatal area isn’t in the thick of the Himalayas which is good because that meant I got a front row view of the awe inspiring, colossal mountains. 

The Himalayas were a highlight for sure. 

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